14 Apr 2015

My students from the first semestre presenting their projects to the Portuguese newspaper "OBSERVADOR"


During this year, and as Regent of the Communication Design course I have challenged seven classrooms (about 200 students) from the Design degree, to develop an editorial design project - a purely academic exercise - with one goal: to create a paper version for the “OBSERVADOR”, the Portuguese daily newspaper, that only exists online. Of the seven classes, five of then were from the first semester. From a total of almost 150 students, the choice was very difficult, but 17 were selected to present their proposals to the “OBSERVADOR” newspaper. These students are in their second year, had the opportunity to develop a project in real conditions, and also to obtain an analytical and critical professional feedback. In general they all had a very positive return, and the “OBSERVADOR” was very impressed by the quality of the proposals of these students, still in the middle of their degree.