8 May 2015

Participated in the Building Sound Collectives (Workshop)

Building Sound Collectives Workshop
Casper Hernandez Cortes, Fonografit (Denmark)

What role does non-verbal communication play in our effort to build culturally sustainable collectives*?

Talking is very useful in our effort to find a common understanding about sustainability in all its forms. However, there is much more at play in human interaction. What about our non-verbal communication? What about our expressions through gesture and sound? These forms of interaction are closely linked with our fundamental capacities for building trust and showing empathy, and for relating to our peers in ways that circumvent hierarchies and prejudice.

Through hands-on collective processes in a non-intrusive and amusingly serious workshop design, we are going to explore the workings of gesture and sound, and see how we can build our own genuine cultural patterns, based on an ad hoc and diverse group of people.
The workshop will be preceded by a short introduction by the facilitator, and we will engage in a common reflection afterwards.
*) Here, we define a culturally sustainable collective as a collective that has the capacity for generating, storing and retrieving its own cultural patterns while being open to influences from other collectives.
Read more about the workshop concept here: http://cultural-sustainability.eu/2014/09/03/workshop/
Curatorial team
Saara Hannula (artist / researcher)
Taru Elfving (Curator PhD)
Terike Haapoja (artist / researcher)
Jenni Nurmenniemi (curator)