3 Jun 2015

My students from the second semestre working on their editorial project based on real case scenario a Portuguese newspaper "OBSERVADOR"


Right now, two classes from the second semester, about 60 students are also developing the editorial project for the Portuguese online newspaper “OBSERVADOR”. The briefing presented by Rudolf Gruner, director-general and Leo Xavier, the newspaper consultant designer, was more precise, and students are working in a hypothetical publication to be consumed by a younger audience. As students are itself a potential sample of the audience,  they were challenged,  to register  in a journal, for about a week, every time they read news: whether if in paper or online. The Journal is an exploratory research method, widely used in the design thinking. The information provided by the journal was then analysed and worked together in class, generating insights (about the audience) that students will work on their proposals. Students will present their work in June.